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Wild Life Hamilton Island

Tickets for Wild Life Hamilton Island

WILD LIFE Hamilton Island


Venture to the idyllic landscapes of Hamilton Island and discover a range of native Australian animals including koalas, kangaroos, dingo pups, crocodiles, snakes and many more fascinating animals!

Located just off the Queensland Coast, Hamilton Island is in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef and is a major access point for discovering one of the seven wonders of the world. As the largest of the Whitsundays islands, the island is renowned for its beautiful, white sandy beaches. It is worth taking a break from the sunbathing and experiencing the Island’s unique wildlife!

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Koala Bears

Don’t miss out on the chance to meet these friendly, cuddly creatures up close or even better, enjoy breakfast with them! There is no doubt that koalas are some of Australia's most iconic creatures, but there is nothing quite like meeting them up close!


Bouncing around the beautiful landscapes of Hamilton Island are several majestic kangaroos which not only can you experience bouncing around the grounds, but also enjoy the unique opportunity to feed them!

Dingo Pups

Native to Australia, dingo pups are perhaps one of the cutest animals you can see on the planet! Take them for a walk on Hamilton Island whilst they yap and bark away!


Slithering around the islands are some of Hamilton Islands most deadly snakes: pythons. Meet them in a safe and secure environment on Hamilton Island and learn all about these fascinating creatures!


There are several cockatoos flying around Hamilton Island but an all time favourite is Freddie the Cockatoo! This sulphur crested cockatoo will take food from your hand - he’s cheeky but incredibly friendly!

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Tickets 2021

Type of TicketChild (3-12yrs) PriceAdult Price
Wildlife Standard Ticket$16$27
Breakfast with Koalas$16.50$36.50
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How to get there

Cómo llegar a Wild Life Hamilton Island

Hamilton Island is the only Whitsundays island with its own airport so it is easy to reach from a variety of different locations in Australia.


If you are travelling by plane, then you can take direct flights from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Cairns.


There are several ferries which travel from Shute Harbour on the mainland.

On Island Transport

There is a shuttle bus service running on the mainland which allows you to move about easily.

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Useful Information

Food and Drink

Hamilton Island is full to the brim of laid back bars, award-winning restaurants and cafes with a range of food- there is something for everyone!

Places to eat include Popeye’s Takeaway, Coca Chu and Bommie Deck.  

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How do I get to Hamilton Island?

With its own commercial airport, Hamilton Island is easy to reach by plane from Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney and Cairns. You can also take ferries to the Marina from Shute Island.  

How do I travel about on the Island?

There is a shuttle bus on the island which allows you to easily move around.  

Which animals can be found on Hamilton Island?

There are a variety of animals on the island including dingos, kangaroos, wallabies, sea eagles, cockatoos, goannas, pythons and many more. 

Can I get to the Great Barrier Reef on Hamilton Island?

Yes, the Great Barrier Reef is located around Hamilton Island and easy to access. 

Are there places to eat and drink on Hamilton Island?

Yes, there are plenty of places to eat across the island varying in price. 

Image of Wild Life Hamilton Island
Wild Life Hamilton Island
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WILD LIFE Hamilton Island
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Ticket prices for Wild Life Hamilton Island

  • Wild Life Hamilton Island General Admission

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      Adult Ticket
      From $27.00
      Show tickets From $27.00
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      Child Ticket (3-12yrs)
      From $16.00
      Show tickets From $16.00
  • Breakfast with Koalas at Wild Life Hamilton Island

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      Adult Ticket
      From $36.50
      Show tickets From $36.50
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      Child Ticket (3-14yrs)
      From $16.50
      Show tickets From $16.50


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User reviews

Emily Styles
Emily Styles
15 May 2020
Good Came here with my friends to enjoy the beaches and party but it is definitely worth buying a ticket for the wildlife. We saw dingos, koalas and kangaroos!
Ruben Green
Ruben Green
22 Oct 2020
Good Awesome place to check out some wildlife. Loved the koala bears
Jackie Paige
Jackie Paige
11 Oct 2020
Good Loved visiting Hamilton Island and seeing such an impressive range of wildlife.
Christopher  Kane
Christopher Kane
23 Jan 2020
Good Beautiful place! I was wowed by the birds too!
Jim Turner
Jim Turner
21 Jul 2020
Good Flew here easily from Sydney and it was totally worth it. The beaches are beautiful and you can spot some amazing wildlife. Hamilton Island is a must if you want to see one of the most beautiful places in Oz!
Dave Thompson
Dave Thompson
10 Nov 2020
Excellent Definitely buy the wildlife ticket when you visit Hamilton Island. I especially enjoyed the kangaroos and the breakfast with koalas experience. Fab places to eat too all over the island.
Pam White
Pam White
8 Aug 2020
Excellent You cant beat the beauty of Hamilton Island. There is a really incredible selection of animals. Its worth visiting the beaches too.
Becky Lee
Becky Lee
21 Jan 2020
Excellent Hamiliton Island is one of the most stunning places in Australia and this is accompanied by the amazing wildlife. This place is a must.
Vicky Grant
Vicky Grant
28 Jan 2020
Excellent you MUST visit hamilton island when youre in oz! Beaches are like something out of a magazine. Buying the wildlife ticket is also a must.
Ben Clarke
Ben Clarke
28 Sep 2020
Excellent Love this island!! Had such a crazy weekend here. Its worth checking out the cute little animals too.
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