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Featherdale Wildlife Park (Doonside)


Boasting the largest collection of koalas in New South Wales, along with an array of other native Australian animals, including dingos, echidnas, tasmanian devils, wombats and bilbies, Featherdale Nature Park is home to to over 2,000 Australian native animals and more than 260 species.

Located just 45 minutes South West of Sydney, Featherdale Nature Park provides the incredible opportunity of interacting with these iconic and unique Australian creatures. Enjoy fascinating educational and informative experiences at Featherdale Nature Park with their exclusive deals for teachers and schools. Grab your tickets now for an unforgettable, inspiring day out! 

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Meet some of Australia’s most iconic furry friends in the Koala sanctuary, where you can learn all kinds of interesting facts from the keeper and have the opportunity to touch its lower body!


For just $3 a cup, you can enjoy feeding Kangaroos and Wallabies in the walk in enclosures where they will be hopping, skipping and jumping around eager for some feed! Here you can find 12 species of macropod, including Agile,Swamp,Tammar Wallabies and Eastern Grey and Kangaroo Island kangaroos.  


Discover a diverse and colourful array of birds at Kangaroo Island, including a black-breasted buzzards, little penguins and emus, and learn fascinating facts about how they live! 


These scaly cold-blooded creatures are often a favourite at Featherdale Nature Park; meet snakes, pythons, lizards, turtles and frogs. Learn all about the world’s most venomous snake at the Inland Taipan exhibit! 

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Animal Encounters

Featherdale Nature Park offers a range of wildlife experiences, including the Koala Mums & Bus Encounter, Penguin Encounter,Tree Kangaroo Encounter, Pelican Encounter, Lorikeet Encounter and Quokka Selfie Encounters. Greet and feed some of Australia’s most iconic animals and pay just a little bit extra for these unique, interactive experiences!

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Tickets 2022

Featherdale Wildlife Park Tickets

Type of TicketsPrice
Adult Ticket$25.00
Child Ticket$17.50

Annual Pass - Featherdale Sydney Wildlife Park + Mogo Wildlife Park

Type of TicketsPrice
Adult Ticket$70.00
Child Ticket (3-15yrs)$28.00
Family 1A+1C$70.00
Family 1A+2C$70.00
Family 2A +1C$140.00
Family 2A +2C$140.00

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How to get there

The Featherdale Nature Park address is: 217-229 Kildare Road,Doonside, Sydney NSW 2767,(near Blacktown) Australia

Cómo llegar a Featherdale Wildlife Park

  • Car: there are two car parks available at Featherdale Nature Park and you can park in either the Main Lot or the Overflow Car Park. You can access the park either via the M4 or the M2 & M7. 
  • Public Transport: if you are travelling to Blacktown Station, take either the North Shore or Western Line. You could also take the 729 bus which is a 10 minute ride that stops just outside Featherdale’s gates.  
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Useful Information

Food and Drink

If you are looking for a bite to eat during your day out, don’t hesitate to visit the Featherdale Cafe, which provides a range of hot food options as well as sandwiches, icecreams and tea/coffee.


Given that the park has a flat, 7 acre terrain, it is accessible for wheelchairs and staff are happy to assist if required. There is also double-gated entry available for access.  

If you require assistance throughout your visit, please call (02) 9622-1644. 

There is also one wheelchair which is available for use.  

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What is the Featherdale Nature Park address?

The Featherdale Nature Park address is:

217-229 Kildare Road
Doonside NSW 2759

Are there places to eat and drink at Featherdale Nature Park?

Yes, you can eat and drink at the Featherdale Cafe.  

Is there Wifi in the park?

Yes, there is Wifi in the park.  

How do I get to Featherdale Nature Park?

You can easily drive to Featherdale Nature Park, taking the M4, M6 and M7 roads. You can also take the train to Blacktown Station or the 729 bus.  

Is Featherdale Nature Park accessible?

Yes, Featherdale Nature Park is accessible by wheelchair.  

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Featherdale Wildlife Park - Sydney - Australia

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Featherdale Wildlife Park, Sydney Australia

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Featherdale Wildlife Park
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Featherdale Wildlife Park (Doonside)
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Ticket prices for Featherdale Wildlife Park

  • Featherdale Wildlife Park Admission Tickets

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      Adult Ticket
      From $25.00
      Show tickets From $25.00
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      Child Ticket
      From $17.50
      Show tickets From $17.50
  • Annual Pass - Featherdale Sydney Wildlife Park + Mogo Wildlife Park

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      From $85.00
      Show tickets From $85.00
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      Child (3-15yrs)
      From $28.00
      Show tickets From $28.00
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      Family 1A+1C
      From $70.00
      Show tickets From $70.00
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      Family 2A +1C
      From $140.00
      Show tickets From $140.00
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      Family 2A +2C
      From $140.00
      Show tickets From $140.00


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User reviews

Joe  Grainger
Joe Grainger
28 Dec 2020
Good Wonderful wildlife park. We loved the lorikeet and pelican encounters! Great for the bird lovers.
Maisie May
Maisie May
19 Jan 2020
Good Saw all sorts of animals here!! Also really enjoyed my pelican encounter.
Becky Lee
Becky Lee
28 Sep 2020
Good Really beautiful place and you can see some wonderful animals. We loved the animals encounters which definitely make the experience more special.
Charlie Griffiths
Charlie Griffiths
25 Aug 2020
Good This place is an awesome escape from Sydney. Definitely do the animal encounters as you get to interact with them! This was an unforgettable experience for the kids!
Kelly Cook
Kelly Cook
14 Jul 2020
Good Featherdale is a special place. Probably one of the most interactive parks Ive been to.
Joanne Sharp
Joanne Sharp
19 Aug 2020
Good Great day out for kids and anyone who loves animals. We really enjoyed the Koala Encounter. I think my little girl will remember this day forever.
Suzie Baker
Suzie Baker
13 May 2020
Excellent Worth driving here from Sydney. Such a wonderful wildlife park and its super interactive!
Alira Clarke
Alira Clarke
18 Aug 2020
Excellent Really beautiful and special place to visit. I recommend doing the animal encounters!
Angela Lane
Angela Lane
27 Oct 2020
Excellent I love it here, the koalas and kangaroos and so cute!
Melissa West
Melissa West
8 Sep 2020
Excellent Only $3 a cup to feed some kangaroos and wallabies! Definitely worth it.
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