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Ballarat Wildlife Park

Tickets for Ballarat Wildlife Park

Ballarat Wildlife Park (Ballarat East)


Home to a plethora of native Australian animals, Ballarat Wildlife Park allows you to meet and greet koalas, wombats, tortoises and many more reptiles. Boasting over 100 kangaroos jumping around the park’s lucious grounds, you can feed these astonishing animals!

Owned by the Parker family and their team, Ballarat Wildlife Park is a privately owned business and also strives to promote the conservation of these spectacular animals. Offering an array of unique animal experiences and kids’ parties, Ballarat Wildlife Park is an educational and memorable family day out!  

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Animal Experiences


Pet and feed these friendly, fluffy creatures who have become a symbol of Australia! Yet please note that because of Victorian Laws, you cannot hold or cuddle the Koala and if temperatures are over 34 degrees, we cannot permit you to hold the koalas as the temperatures are too high. Petting a koala costs $50 and takes place from 11.30am-1.30pm. 


Meet some of the world’s most cheeky and playful creatures, meerkats are always up for some fun and seeing them up close and personal with these mischievous animals, who you can have a dance with at 2.30pm! Please note that children under the age of 9 are not permitted and it costs $80. 


Australia is renowned for its impressive array of reptiles and at Ballarat Wildlife Park you can meet Pablo the Boa Constrictor or Moss the Coastal Carpet Python. Hold these cold-blooded, scaly creatures and learn some fascinating serpentine facts with the Snake experience, which takes place at 2.30pm for $50.  


Friendly, cuddly and playful, the wombat is undoubtedly one of  Australia’s most iconic animals and you can meet one in the furry flesh at 3.30pm and it costs $50 per session!  

Giant Tortoise

A magnificent, smiling creature, Hugo, Ballarat’s own giant tortoise, is over eighty years old! Take a picture with this majestic animal for $50 dollars which take place everyday at 2pm.  

Tree Kangaroo

Hop, skipping and jumping around the wildlife park, kangaroos are undoubtedly some of Australia’s most iconic creatures and you can take pictures with these bouncy creatures at 11am, for $50.

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Tickets 2021

Type of TicketPrice
Children (5-15)$19.50
Family (2A+up to 4C)$95.00
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How to get there

Cómo llegar a Ballarat Wildlife Park

The full address for Ballarat Wildlife Park is:

Cnr of York & Fussell Streets

Ballarat East, 3350

Victoria, Australia

  • Train: you can take the V Line train to Ballarat Train Station via Melton
  • Bus: You can also take the bus from Melbourne to Ballarat Wildlife Park however this runs fairly irregularly.  
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Useful Information


  • Phone: (03) 5333 5933
  • Fax: (03) 5333 4025 
  • International Phone: 0011 61 3 5333 5933 
  • Email: 

There are VIP tours available, which you can purchase by emailing Jared on

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What is the address of Ballarat Wildlife Park?

The address is:

Cnr of York & Fussell Streets
Ballarat East, 3350
Victoria, Australia

Which animals are at Ballarat Wildlife Park?

Koalas, wombats, snakes, kangaroos, emus, freshwater crocodiles, spotted-tail quolls, tasmanian devils and common death adders.

Can you have contact with the animals?

No, you cannot cuddle the animals because of the Victoria laws. However, you can pet and feed them.  

Can you host kid’s parties at Ballart Wildlife Park?

Yes, you can host kid’s parties at Ballarat Wildlife Park. 

How much is an adult’s ticket?

An adults ticket is $35.

How much is a children’s ticket for Ballarat Wildlife Park?

A child’s ticket is $19.50 .

Photos of Ballarat Wildlife Park

Ballarat Wildlife Park 1
Ballarat Wildlife Park 2
Ballarat Wildlife Park 3
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Ballarat Wildlife Park 6

Featured videos

Visit Ballarat: Ballarat Wildlife Park

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Ballarat Wildlife Park - Crunch

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Ballarat Wildlife Park, Victoria

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Image of Ballarat Wildlife Park
Ballarat Wildlife Park
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Ballarat Wildlife Park (Ballarat East)
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Ticket prices for Ballarat Wildlife Park


  • Ballarat Wildlife Park Tickets

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      Adult Ticket
      From $31.50
      Show tickets From $31.50
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      Child Ticket (5-15yrs)
      From $17.55
      Show tickets From $17.55
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      Concession Ticket
      From $29.00
      Show tickets From $29.00
  • Ballarat Wildlife Park Family Tickets

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      Family (2A+4C)
      From $95.00
      Show tickets From $95.00


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User reviews

Joe Rodgers
Joe Rodgers
3 Oct 2020
Good I particularly liked the snakes. It was worth paying the extra $50 to see them up close!
Ross Newton
Ross Newton
18 Aug 2020
Good Ballarat is a sweet deal. Heaps of awesome animals and great places to eat.
Koala Girl123
Koala Girl123
18 Aug 2020
Good This wildlife park is super cool!
Fiona Brown
Fiona Brown
17 Oct 2020
Good Really enjoyed Ballarat. Weve been to a few nature parks but never seen giant tortoises.
Alice Wilde
Alice Wilde
3 Nov 2020
Good Such a special day out with kids. We saw all sorts of wildlife up close. Much better than a regular zoo and easy to reach from Melbourne
Joe  Grainger
Joe Grainger
11 Sep 2020
Excellent The giant tortoises are incredible!!
Susan Mason
Susan Mason
4 Aug 2020
Excellent Easy to get to from Melbourne with the kids. Fab day out.
Martin Grainger
Martin Grainger
13 Aug 2020
Excellent Im a real wildlife fanatic and I loved this experience. Especially meeting all of those scary pythons! Easy to get to from Melbourne too.
Luke  Williams
Luke Williams
2 Oct 2020
Excellent Amazing day out as you can actually pet the kangaroos and feed them! Ive never been so close to all of these animals.
Daniel Johnson
Daniel Johnson
28 Oct 2020
Excellent Awesome wildlife park. Its worth paying that bit extra to feed the kangaroos and other animals.
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