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Kryal Castle (Leigh Creek)


A far-away land of adventure and intrigue, Kryal Castle is full of wizards, kings, queens, knights, dragons and princesses and will transport you back to medieval times in a wonderful, fantasy world.

Whilst you venture through the chambers of the Dragon’s Labyrinth, which is home to the legend of Kryal, you can discover medieval knights jousting, try your hand at archery and get lost in the depths of a mind-bending maze!

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Do you fancy being Robin Hood for the day? Then why not grab a bow and arrow and try your hand at archery - an exciting and challenging activity which tests your aiming skills! At Kryal Castle, you can try out the park’s indoor archery range.

The Maze

Get lost in Kryal Castles famous maze, which will leave you puzzled and mind-boggled! The Maze is inspired by fascinating medieval myths and legends… will you get out of this mythical, winding maze?

The Dragon’s Labyrinth

Unveil the legends around Kryal’s king and queen, along with their lost children and the long lost dragon Ushnagh. Boasting authentic and archaic passageways and chambers, the Dragon’s Labyrinth will plunge you into a medieval labyrinth of mystery.

The Jester’s Theatre

Go back in time and experience hilarious, authentic Jester’s performances in Kryal Castle’s Jester’s Theatre! Enjoy unforgettable entertainment and original shows from a variety of acts!

The Torture Dungeon & Museum

In the Torture Dungeon & Museum, you can learn about the dark bits of history and all of the torture tactics used in the torture museum and enjoy a fascinating torture exhibition and the dungeon of doom!

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Tickets 2024

Kryal Castle Tickets

Type of TicketPrice
Adult Ticket$39.50
Child Ticket (4-16yrs)$26.50
Concession Ticket$32.50

Family Tickets

Type of TicketPrice
Family (1A up to 3C)$109.00
Family (2A+2C)$89.00
Family (1A + 2C)$84.00

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How to get there

The Kryal Castle address is: 121 Forbes Rd, Leigh Creek VIC 3352. You can get there by:

  • Car: Kryal Castle is one hour’s drive from Melbourne - take the Western Freeway which passes through the towns of Bacchus Marsh and Ballan, to Ballarat. 
  • Train: you can get the V/Line train from Melbourne’s Southern Cross station to the 19th Century Railway Station opposite in the centre of town.  
  • Plane: you can get to Kryal Castle direct from the Tullamarine or Avalon Airports.  
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Useful Information

Food and Drink

You can choose from a range of refreshments at the Ale House, which is open all day. If you fancy something sweet, then why not go to the Tooth Fairy Lolly Shop.

You are also welcome to bring a picnic. 


Kryal Castle is accessible, the access entrance is in the front gate. For more information about access requirements please call +61 3 5334 8500

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What is the Kryal Castle address?

The Kryal Castle address is 121 Forbes Rd, Leigh Creek VIC 3352 

How do I get to Kryal Castle?

You can easily get to Kryal Castle by car, taking the Western Freeway. You can also take the V Line train from Melbourne’s Southern Cross Railway. 

Are there places to eat and drink at Kryal Castle?

Yes, you can eat and drink at Kryal Castle at the Ale House which is open all day and the Lolly Shop.  

Can I bring a picnic to Kryal Castle?

Yes, you can bring a picnic to Kryal Castle- it is a lovely place to eat and enjoy the sunshine. 

What are the main activities at Kryal Castle?

The main activities at Kryal Castle are archery, the maze, the jester’s theatre, the Dragon’s Labyrinth and the Royal Jousting Sessions.  

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Kryal Castle - The land of myth and adventure

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Kryal Castle
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Kryal Castle (Leigh Creek)
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Ticket prices for Kryal Castle

  • Kryal Castle Tickets

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      Adult Ticket
      From $36.00
      Show tickets From $36.00
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      Child Ticket (4-16yrs)
      From $24.00
      Show tickets From $24.00
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      Concession Ticket (Pen/Sen/Stu)
      From $30.00
      Show tickets From $30.00
  • Family Tickets

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      Family (1A up to 3C)
      From $89.00
      Show tickets From $89.00


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User reviews

Cathy West
Cathy West
Hace más de 1 año
Good The kids loved coming to this park! Its really magical and they also learned loads about medieval history!
Erin Helmes
Erin Helmes
Hace más de 1 año
Excellent A really interesting and historical day out. The kids and the adults had a great time in our family!
Rose Rider
Rose Rider
Hace más de 1 año
Excellent You can really take a step through time at Kyral Castle!! Educational and fun place for kids.