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Renowned for its captivating story-line, mesmerising hit musical score and dazzling choreography 11 time Tony award-winning hit musical Hamilton is taking a visit down under! A timely representation of immigrant inclusiveness, Hamilton has turned the tide of musical history with its unique and ground-breaking fusion of rap, soul, hip-hop and more traditonal numbers which is rapped and sung by the cast.

Brought to us by Lin-Manuel Miranda, Hamilton first wowed the world in 2015 when it premiered on Broadway where it smashed the box office and then went on to conquer the West End. In 2020, the live stage performance reached people’s living rooms on screen, making it even more of a cultural phenomenon than it already is.

Based on the biography of Alexandra Hamilton, an orphaned American found father who moves to New York in search for a better life, Hamilton tells the story of his journey as a penniless to power with the backdrop of the American War of Independence. A witty, emotive and enthralling musical production, Hamilton will leave you laughing, crying whilst also reflecting on America’s past, present and future.

Running time: 2 hours 45 minutes

Recommended age: 10+

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When the orphaned Alexandra Hamilton moves from the Caribbean to New York in 1766 in search for a more prosperous life, he first seeks out Aaron Burr along with three other revolutionaries, John Laurens, Marquis de Lafayette and Hercules Mulligan. A determined revolutionary who impresses the others with his rhetorical skills, Hamilton is eager to take the United States away from the British forces.

A compelling journey which follows Hamilton all the way to becoming George Washington’s right-man and the first Secretary of the Treasury of the United States whilst also falling deeply in love, Hamilton is a tale of a charismatic protagonist's rise to power in search for the American Dream, which is still relevant today!

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Hamilton Australia Tickets 2021

Hamilton Australia Tickets vary greatly depending on where you sit in the Sydney Lyric Theatre which is divided into the Grand Circle, the Dress Circle and the Stalls. If you are wanting to be in the centre of the action and enjoy incredible, intimate views of the stage, then these can be found in the centre of the Stalls and the Dress Circle.

Type of TicketPrice
Tier 1$70
Tier 2$100
Tier 3$135
Tier 4$185
Tier 5$225
Tier 6 (Lyric Deluxe Package) $245-50

These ticket prices may vary depending on when you decide to go and the demand for that night.

Hamilton tickets at the Sydney Lyric Theatre can be purchased both online and in person and over the phone.

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Hamilton Australia Cheap Tickets and Discounts 2021

Group Tickets

If you are looking for cheap tickets, there are discounted rates for bookings for groups of 10 with prices of $185 for Tues, Weds, Thu and Sun performances at 6.30pm and on school holidays.

Groups of 10+ are at $200 for Friday Eve, Saturday Mat & Eve and Sunday Mat during the schools holidays. Please visit the website for more details.


There will be a lottery for a number of £10 seats on the TodayTix app which you must download.

Discounted Hamilton Tickets

If you are looking for more reasonably priced tickets in the Sydney Lyric Theatre, these can be found in the Grand Circle which provide slightly further away and restricted views of the stage, but you can still experience the action.

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The Sydney Lyric Theatre

How to get there

Cómo llegar a Hamilton

The Sydney Lyric address is: 55 Pirrama Road, Pyrmont NSW 2009 Australia

You can reach the Sydney Lyric Theatre easily by both public transport and car. However, it may be easier to travel by public transport.

  • Train: the closest train station to the Sydney Lyric is the Central Station and then transfer to Light Rail and get off at the Star
  • Light Rail: the LightRail train stops at the Star and then you easily get to the Sydney Lyric Theatre using the lift
  • Ferry: the theatre is only a 2 minute walk from the Pyrmont Bay ferry Stop
  • Bus: if you are taking the bus, then you can take route 290 and get off at the Maritime Museum. It is then only a 3 minute walk to the Sydney Lyric
  • Car: if you are travelling by car, you can park on and around George Street but due to traffic changes, this could be difficult so please plan your route beforehand.


If you have any access enquiries please call the Sydney Lyric on (02) 9509 3600 or email access@foundationtheatres.com.au.


The Star Car park has lifts from the car park and you can walk through the cafe to the cafe court and there is a ramp entrance outside the Sydney Lyric .

Wheelchair and Transfer Seating

Transfers are available in Row P and Q of the Stalls. If you wish to stay in your wheelchair, then please stay in Row P. The Stalls is the best area for those with limited mobility and there is ramp access available at Doors 13 & 18.

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Hamilton Australia cast 2021

The Australia Hamilton cast consists of Jason Arrow as Alexandra Hamilton, Lyndon Watts a Aaron Burr, Chloe Zuel as Eliza Hamilton, Akina Edmonds as Angelica Schuyler, Maty Ngaropo as George Washington, Victory Ndukwe as Marquis de Lafaytette, Shaka Cook as Hercules Mulligan, Marty Alix as John Laurens, Elandrah Eramiha as Peggy Schuyler, Brent ill as King George as III.

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What is the running time for Hamilton Australia?

The running time is 2 hours 45 minutes.

What is Hamilton about?

Hamilton the Musical follows the incredible journey of Alexander Hamilton; a West Indian immigrant who moves to New York in 1766. Known for his charisma and revolutionary spirit, Alexander Hamilton becomes George Washington’s right-hand man and the musical is based on his life, one of the Founding fathers. 

Which songs are in Hamilton the Musical?

The main songs on Hamilton the Musical soundtrack are “Alexander Hamilton” “Aaron Burr, Sir”, “My Shot”, “The Story of Tonight” “The Schuyler Sisters” “Farmer Refuted” “You’ll Be Back” “Right Hand Man” “A Winter’s Ball” “Helpless” “Satisfied” “The Story of Tonight” as well as many others as the musical rapped by the cast.

Who is in the Hamilton Australia 2021 cast?

The Australia Hamilton cast features Jason Arrow as Alexandra Hamilton, Lyndon Watts a Aaron Burr, Chloe Zuel as Eliza Hamilton, Akina Edmonds as Angelica Schuyler, Maty Ngaropo as George Washington, Victory Ndukwe as Marquis de Lafaytette, Shaka Cook as Hercules Mulligan, Marty Alix as John Laurens, Elandrah Eramiha as Peggy Schuyler, Brent ill as King George as III.

Who are the main characters in Hamilton the Musical?

The main characters in Hamilton the Musical are Alexander Hamilton (the musical is based on his life), Aaron Burr, George Washington, Eliza Schuyler, Angelica Schuyler, Peggy Schuyler, John Laurens, Marquis de Lafayette, Hercules Mulligan, Thomas Jefferson, King George III.

Where is Hamilton the Musical showing in Australia?

It is showing at the Sydney Lyric Theatre.

Who wrote Hamilton the Musical?

Lin- Manuel Mirranda wrote Hamilton the music and lyrics as well as a book to go with it.

When did Hamilton the Musical first premiere?

Hamilton the Musical premiered at the Public Theater Off-Broadway on the 17th February 2015.

What book is Hamilton the Musical based on?

Hamilton the Musical is based on historian Ron Chernow’s 2004 biography Alexander Hamilton.

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Sydney Lyric (Pyrmont)
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Ticket prices for Hamilton

Hamilton (Australia)

Sydney Lyric

Pirrama Rd, Pyrmont NSW 2009, Australia, Pyrmont1

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User reviews

Erin Helmes
Erin Helmes
19 Jan 2021
Good The Best musical of all timeeee
Vanessa Lyons
Vanessa Lyons
15 Jan 2020
Good One of the best and thought provoking musicals ive ever seen!
Cathy Turner
Cathy Turner
22 Oct 2020
Good An unbelievable musical production.
Evie Peters
Evie Peters
21 Feb 2020
Excellent Everyone should see this musical. For their education and enjoyment!
Usuario Taquilla
Usuario Taquilla
22 Feb 2020
Excellent The best musical of all time. The musical score is phenomenal.
Kim Smith
Kim Smith
22 Nov 2020
Excellent A sensational musical. Addresses so many current issues in such an original way.
jacob Tomason
jacob Tomason
16 Dec 2020
Excellent Awesome musical!!
Lena Johnson
Lena Johnson
29 Jan 2020
Excellent I saw Hamilton in London and it is without a doubt the best musical Ive ever seen.
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